Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter - Peach Luster (Review)

I've had this product for ages but never used it. I saw someone use it recently on youtube, with visible results and I was like, wait, wait, just wait, is this not this thing that I own? lol. I had to go dig it up

I bought this product because I saw some people color correct with it, with very impressive results, so I purchased it solely for color correcting. It didn't occur to me till very recently that this was supposed to be a highlighter. I thought that Mac had named a line of color correcting pens highlighters, in all honestly.

The Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Peach Luster has a brush tip applicator  and by twisting the bottom of the pen, product is dispensed through the brush. Mac describes peach luster as a "Bronzy Orange" and this product is without a doubt orange. However I expected it to be a bit more red, since it always looked red in  most of the videos that I'd seen. I use the Mac Prep + Prime Highlighter in Peach Luster to correct the hyper-pigmentation that I have on different parts of my face, especially in my mouth area. From the pictures above, you can tell that this product does a decent job. To use it, I first apply it on my skin using  the brush that comes with the pen, then I gently blend it into the skin using a damp beauty blender. It cancels out any discoloration or hyper pigmentation that I have and in doing so, essentially creates a more even canvas for my foundation to go on. It dries fairly quickly and also has a matte finish.

However, I'd like to clearly state that this product is not the most pigmented. I have to twist the pen at least two times in order to get decent coverage and during these two twists, a lot of product is dispensed in my opinion. It makes me wonder how much product someone with serious hyper pigmentation would have to use and its not like it comes cheap. The pen sells for £19 here in the UK, it is a permanent Mac product, so it should be available for purchase at any Mac store close to you.

Rating: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5


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  1. I also didn't realize it was supposed to be a highlighter at first. I bought it solely to use as a colour corrector.

  2. I just got mine. I'm still at the store as I'm typing this lol. Thanks for your review Dimma. Will try it out asap