Mac Isabel and Ruben Toledo - Victorianna (review & swatch)

I'm not even going to lie, I'm in that limited edition collecting stage, lol. I used to be that girl with nothing from any Mac limited collection but I'm steady growing. Its not like I buy something from every collection that Mac spits out (at this stage I feel like they keep spitting them out, there is literally more than one collection on display every time I walk into a Mac store) but I'm not putting serious effort into speaking wisdom into my soul whenever I'm in a Mac store either.
For this collection, Mac teamed up with New York based fashion designers Isabela and Ruben Toledo. The collection is made up of lipsticks and lip glasses in varying shades of red, Nail lacquers, Neon mascaras and eye pencils, some ombre blushes, 3 eyeshadow palettes and a makeup brush.

Victorianna was one of the two lipsticks that I picked up from Mac last week and it was the only thing that I picked up from the collection. The Isabel and Ruben Toledo collection is for the red deprived, like I seriously blinked 5 times when I got to the stand where it was displayed. Who knew that red could come in 5 confusing shades? My brain couldn't take it at first but when it started to, it all made sense, lol. Victorianna stood out immediately because I didn't own a shade of red that looked like it. It looked a bit similar to Tenor voice and opera (which were both in the same collection) but it stood out alright and that was mainly because It was a blue toned red in the store. It is still a blue toned red in my house (lol) but mac describes it as a mid tone pink red.

It is a gorgeous shade of matte red and I believe that it would look good on any skin tone. My favorite thing about it is the texture, I've come to realize that I prefer Mac's matte lipsticks to their retro mattes, because they are a bit kinder to the lips. The color pay off is amazing and it applies so so smoothly.

Product: Mac Isabel and Ruben Toledo - Victorianna
Price: £17
Where to buy: Any mac store near you

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