Kiko Colour Spehere Eyeshadows

I've heard such great things about Kiko! People keep talking of how great and affordable their products are so I finally decided to give in and give the brand a try. For those of us who are not familiar with the brand, Kiko is an Italian makeup brand that launched themselves in the UK market about 2 years ago. I went into their store with the intention of getting their gel liner but I ended up leaving with more than just the liner. The color sphere eyeshadows started speaking to me the minute I saw them so I listened. 
The color sphere eyeshadows come in 30 different shades. They all look baked with bits of shimmer in them so it was really difficult making up my mind. I ended up leaving with three different shades though, after a lot of swatching.
No 33: This was the first color that I grabbed upon close inspection. The color is really hard to describe but it is gorgeous. It tends to change depending on the lighting and it has hints of silver, lilac, pale pink and umber. First swatch is dry, second swatch is wet.
No 32: Dark dove grey with bits shimmer. First swatch is dry, second swatch is wet.
No 31: Dark brown black color with bits of gold shimmer. First swatch dry, second swatch wet.

Like I mentioned earlier, these shadows all look baked. They swatch ok dry, you don't really get that much color pay off at first swatch but swatched wet, you'd love them 5 times more than you already do. When swatched wet, the color pay off is amazing and all those little bits shimmer that might get lost during dry application all come out to play.

Product: Kiko Colour Sphere eye shadow
Price: £5.90 each (which is about N1,500 each)
Purchased from: Kiko, Westfield mall, Stratford

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  1. I walk past KIKO on a regular basis.....I may actually take the plunge and check out a few of their products. the items that you have featured in your post have definitely piqued my interest!

  2. I've been hearing a lot about this brand but I haven't seen it anywhere! :(

  3. I love all three though I have never heard of it.


  4. Very pretty. First time hearing about them

  5. Never heard of them. I love the no. 31

  6. Their lip pencils are great too

  7. love them all darl :D. i tagged you in my recent post "20 random facts" dinma ;)