Haul is a Nigerian online store that sells tons of skin care and makeup products. I recently had the opportunity to shop from them so I decided to get the Bdelluim tools 776 crease brush and some makeup blending wedges because I was completely out of sponges.

Bdelluims tools 776: This is currently one of my favorite blending brushes and some of you can tell because I've used in in my past two videos. It is like something in-between the Mac 224 and the Mac 217, but it looks more like the 217. I love the fact that the bristles are not too fluffy and it blends all kinds of shadows and and even cream products beautifully.

Elf Blending wedges: Believe it or not I use these wedges for  my nails. They are perfect for creating the Ombre effects which I love so much. I love the fact that these elf ones come in a little plastic container, it makes storage a breeze.

Shipping: I placed my order on a Monday and it got to me on Tuesday evening so their shipping is very fast and its not like I live in Lagos. They ship with DHL. Their shipping costs from N500 to N2000 depending on where you are.

Bdelluim tools 776 brush
Price: N3,000

Elf blending wedges
Price: N1,000

"Had the Lord not been on our side, when our enemies rose up against us, then they would have swallowed us alive." Psalm 124:2-3


  1. I have to get myself something from beautykink

  2. Yippee I ordered for my Bdelluims tools 776 yesterday and I got it delivered to me today thanks Dimma and thanks to Beautykink...

  3. I just ordered my Bdelluims tools 776. Hoping to get it tomorrow. Thanks Dimma
    The makeup is very beautiful. Nice one Stella
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  4. Are you going to do some more nail tutorials or pictorials? It's been a while. I miss them!