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Angel Best is an Amazon third party seller that sells mostly gadget accessories and jewelry. They had good ratings and offered international shipping to Nigeria so I decided to order a couple of cases from them. I ordered about eleven items from them, about nine iPhone cases and two iPad mini cases. The iPhone cases were really cheap, their prices ranged from $1 to $4.65 and the iPad mini cases sold for $19.99 each.

Shipping cost me about $43.
I felt that it was a little steep but I didn't really mind because I was splitting the bill with  my sister. We had a lot of things in the order and in situations like this, the seller tends to charge you depending on how much they think the order might weigh. After I received an email confirming that my order had been shipped, I realized from the details that I was given that my order was shipped from Singapore (that was probably the reason for the slightly pricey shipping).
The order was delivered on the first day of estimated delivery, It was nicely packed in a bubble envelope and nothing was missing or damaged.

AngelBest  - AngelBest

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  1. What method of payment did u use pls? I alway have issues with PayPal coz in the country column , it doesn't have Nigeria . So even if I typed my credit card numbers , under which country ? I will be grateful if u could help a sister out. Thanks

    1. I paid with my debit master card and not through Paypal. Amazon accepts payments made with Nigerian master or Visa cards so I select Nigeria as my country whenever I'm checking out.

    2. Hallelujah to this!! Thank you!

  2. Love that phone case cover. Very artistic

  3. hi i copied a look from u how can i mail uu d pix?