Foreo Luna - Sensitive/ Normal Skin

I was contacted by the people at Foreo a while back to see if I was interested in trying out the Foreo Luna. I was a bit skeptical because prior to being contacted by them, I had not really heard that much of the brand. Skin care is a very serious business for me, I'm very picky when it comes to things that come in contact with my skin but after doing some online research, I decided to give the brand a try. I received the Luna roughly about one month ago and it is currently a permanent part of cleansing routine.

Foreo is a swedish brand that has a range of handheld silicone cleansing devices that promise to leave your skin 6 times cleaner than by washing by hand.  The Foreo company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and their mission is "Beauty Beyond Cosmetics".

The Luna is a small handheld device that is completely covered with silicone which is perfect for products like this. Silicone is bacteria resistant so you don't have worry about constantly changing brushes like I do with my Clarisonic Mia. It is a facial cleansing brush that comes with tiny noodles that are soft and non abrasive. When fully charged, you can get about 450 uses out of this bad boy before you need to charge again. It is very light weight and cleanses gently. Since this is not device with a brush that rotates, you get pulsations instead of brush speed, you can reduce or increase the vibrations you get with the Minus and plus buttons at the bottom of the device. It comes with an anti aging mode which according to the company helps reduce the appearance of wrinkle and fine lines. To turn it on, all you have to do is press the big ol button at the bottom of the device.

Like I mentioned earlier this device has become a permanent part of my routine. I haven't been using my Clarisonic mia which I reviewed a while back on this blog any more because of how difficult it is to maintain. It is recommended that you change the Mia brush head every few months because of bacteria and believe me guys I still do not know anyone or anyplace that sells them in this country and its not even like they come cheap. The luna I've been using a lot but not everyday, I use it  on days that I wear liquid foundations which is about once or twice or even three times a week but not everyday. Like I've mentioned in previous posts and in my foundation routine video, liquid foundations tend to break me out and it has a lot to do with some of the open pores that I have on my face due to a bad acne experience, so they tend to sink into those pores and cause breakouts . I love using the luna on days that I have worn liquid foundation because of its ability to cleanse deeply so it is quite effective in getting off every atom foundation that I've left over after normal cleansing. It leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed (the type of feeling that you don't usually get with normal soap and water) and super soft.

To use the Luna, I make sure to take my makeup off first. Once I'm done taking my makeup off I just go in with the luna and my cleanser and concentrate on my T zone which is the area that I'm most likely  to break out and I just go back and forth with it in that area for about 2 minutes. Like I said before It is very light weight and not as heavy as the clarisonic which is really the only cleansing device that I own to compare it to. I bought the clarisonic mia for about £130 pounds 3 years ago but this sells for about £145 so it is slightly more expensive but definitely worth it if you are willing to invest in it.

The Luna is waterproof so there is no need to panic if it accidentally falls into a bucket of water, you can also use it in the shower.

Product: Foreo Luna - Sensitive/Normal Skin
Price: N44,895
Where to buy: The Foroe brand recently launched themselves in the Nigerian Market and their products can be purchased exclusively at -

  • Sacred Beauty, 2 Abiola Close, Shonibare Estate, Maryland, Lagos
  • The Sacred space, L'Espace, 19 Olosa street, Victoria island, Lagos

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  1. This seems so interesting and your review so thorough, I loke how simple this looks to use and will definitely look into this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seems like a wonderful product. I've been breaking out more than usual. This would do me good

  3. I'm now convinced to try it.

  4. Dz is new and nice,maybe better dn my olay exfoliator.Its expensive tho.anyways nice blog,first tym reader here.xo��

  5. Will try this. I also have a lot of open pores and an oily face. I thought liquid foundation was my best bet. Guess I have a lot to learn

  6. I have both the Clarisonic Aria and the Foreo Luna. I have had the Clarisonic for about 2 years (bought it for 199USD at Sephora, with the Lancome set) and the Foreo for maybe 4 months (bought it for 199USD at Sephora also). I always use the Clarisonic with the delicate brush head and in my experience, the Foreo is NOT a substitute for Clarisonic. It doesn't clean as well, the anti-aging side doesn't work as well either. Even using the Foreo on the highest setting (9), it still didn't cleanse my skin properly. My pores got clogged and I broke out MAJORLY. The only thing that changed in my routine was the Foreo Luna. I went back to my Clarisonic and yes, happy skin again :) The Sephora silicone pad which is about 5USD works as well if not better than the Luna. I kept the Luna for days that I forget to charge my Clarisonic and for short trips. The Clarisonic is the business.