Wet n Wild Coloricon Palette - Poster Child

I was very excited when I received this palette mainly because it is my first wet n wild palette ever. I have a couple of  their lipsticks and I absolutely love them. I've always wanted one of their palettes and I remember almost buying the Vanity palette sometime last year and then dropping it because I wasn't with enough cash. 

Poster Child consists of eight shades, coordinated and stamped with where you should put them on your eye. The palette comprises of both matte and satin colors. The left side is made up of mostly pastel pinks and a black definer color while the right side is made up of a yellow browbone color and different shades of blue. The two brow bone and definer colors are matte while the two crease and lid colors have a satin finish. 
The palette is ok in my opinion, some of the colors especially the ones on the left side apply a bit chalky. In the last picture, they were all swatched without a primer so the colors are decent for the price you pay for them.

Product: Wet n wild coloricon Palette in poster child
Price: I received this as a gift. It sually sells for about $4.99
Where to buy: Gifty's Daughter

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  1. Was thinking of getting a wet n wild eyeshadow palette, but this review is not too encouraging. lol. Will look for something better

  2. you should try the"Blue had me at hello" palette.......its very lovely! :)

  3. How can I get to gifty's daughter. Am currently in abj. Love ur blog dinma.

  4. I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Check it out here:


  5. So pretty, you MUST do a look with this!