They Deliver - Amazon:Avidmax

I've been eyeing the Gorillapod focus for a very long time. I wanted it even before I started making youtube videos but I didn't know how to get my hands on it. I settled for the standard tripod but I've always had a problem with mine because even at its lowest height, it was still too tall for my filming setup. I decided to buy a smaller tripod at the beginning of the year. I checked game which is a Godsend when it comes to things like this but the one here in Enugu didn't have anything smaller than what I already owned so I went back to mooning. 
After searching for table top tripods on amazon I decided to just close my eyes and get the Gorillapod focus. I kept telling myself that it will be worth the price I was paying for it and in all honesty, it has been.
Avidmax was the second seller that I tried purchasing the Gorillapod from and I'm glad I used them. I realized as I was about to check out that they offered expedited shipping to Nigeria so I sent them a message asking which courier service they use for express international shipping and they replied the next day saying that they used Fedex so I went on ahead and placed my order.

My order got to me within 4 days. Shipping cost me about $42.90.

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  1. wow 4 days? That's amazing!

  2. Tnx 4 dis update. Bt I really want to Knw if u paid FedEx on delivery nd Hw much? Tnx.