Sleek Studio Flash a Pout Lipstains

I received a massive sleek goody bag back in February, during social media week. My bag was handed to me by Yemisi of Misykona and she ran away before I could even say thank you. The bag was huge! It contained about two or three products form Sleek cosmetics but every other thing in it was from sleek studio Nigeria.
Oya to clear up any confusion, Sleek studio Nigeria also know as S.Studio is the official distributor of sleek products in Nigeria. I first saw some of their skin care products about two years ago and it took me a little research to realize that they were not from the International sleek brand. Sleek studio Nigeria was founded by the Ugochukwu sisters who are the managing directors of Sleek cosmetics in Nigeria.
The sleek studio brand is currently only available locally. I don't think that you can purchase them anywhere outside the country. Like I mentioned earlier, the bag contained quite a few things but I will be talking about the recently released lip stains in this post.
They currently come in 6 shades and they are Coined, Revolution, Naivety, Siren, Forbidden and Duke. 
Coined - Sheer rose gold with lots of shimmer. I honestly don't see myself wearing this often. Shimmer and matte shouldn't see eye to eye in my opinion. 
Revolution  - Bright Orange. This is one of my favorites in terms of application. It applied smoothly and didn't leave streaks. It is also one of the very opaque ones in the bunch.
Naivety - Bright pink with blue undertones. Gorgeous gorgeous color. Application was a bit difficult, it kept leaving streaks.
Siren - Bright orange based red. Applied like Naivety. Its is not as opaque as some of the other colors but it is gorgeous all the same.
Forbidden - Dark brick red. I noticed that a lot of bloggers were gushing about this color and  I realized why immediately after one swipe. This is a gorgeous gorgeous red and I can see me wearing it to a lot of places, even to sleep, lol. It is hands down the easiest to apply in the whole bunch.
Duke - Very dark purple. My little sister walked into the room while I had this on and she was like Hei!! lmao. This is a gorgeous dark purple. Perfect for those who like it vampy which I do sometimes. It was a bit difficult to apply though, it applied just like Naivety and Siren.

Packaging: They all have a little mirror by the side which I think comes in handy for touch ups. There is also a little button on the top of each wand which activates an in built LED light once you press it down. The lights will probably come in handy when you are in a club or when Nepa takes the light.
Application: Thou shalt not go near any of these lip stains without exfoliating and moisturizing the lips. They are semi liquid and matte so they will sink into any crack or dry patch you give them. These are also not beginner friendly in my opinion, a very steady hand is required for most of the colors and trust me most beginners don't have that. If someone gave me any of these lip colors when I was starting out with makeup, I will probably just cry over my clumsiness and then hide them somewhere. 
Finish: These babies are super matte! I haven't tried using a gloss over any of them but I have a feeling that it might not go well.

Favorites: Revolution, Forbidden and Duke.

Price: N1,550
Where to buy: Any sleek studio or outlet near you. For a complete list of outlets, Click Here.

Has anyone tried the Sleek Flash 'a'  pout Lip stains? What are your favorites?

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  1. Have seen ds b4 on 1 of ma favourite makeup blog...nd honestly I loved dem..if u ask me I wil prefer revolution ,siren and coined...

  2. Dinma ur blog makes my day I swear. Pls visit mine

  3. these are by far the most matte lippies I've seen and I LOVE THEM totally, I wish though there was a way we could get them outside of Nigeria

  4. Available at sleek studio Ibadan shop 8 g block joke plaza Bodija Ibadan 08033768181