How I place my Amazon Orders

Some of you who follow me on Instagram have asked me to make a post saying how I place my Amazon orders. In this post, I'll explain how you can place an order on and have it delivered to your door step.
Before I start, I'll like to make it known that Amazon rarely delivers anything to Nigeria but some third party sellers who sell through amazon offer international shipping and also ship to Nigeria.
One: I use which is the American website. I prefer to use it because things are generally cheaper there. So to start, just log on to and create an account. 

Two: Locate an item that you are interested in by either browsing through the site or typing the name into the search bar. Once you find what you are looking for, click on it to open the item page.  On the lower right side of the screen you are going to see a box that is titled More buying choices. Click on the link at the bottom of the box that says used & new. The number of used and new items usually vary so it doesn't necessarily have to be 53 like it says in the picture.
Three: The link will take you straight to a page that has a list of vendors that sell the same item through Amazon. Scroll down and look for any vendor that offers both domestic and international shipping then click on add to cart. At this stage, I work with ratings. As you guys can see, ratings are clearly shown underneath every seller's name. The higher the ratings, the better the seller. Also bear in mind that not all sellers that offer international shipping actually ship to Nigeria. About 70% of them do but you won't know this till you select a shipping address so if a seller can't deliver to you, try another seller. For this post I'll be using a seller called Avidmax simply because I've used them before and they offer both domestic and international shipping. 
Four: Once you click on add to cart, you will be redirected to this page. Click on Proceed to checkout.
Five: I already have a couple of house addresses saved on amazon so after I selected one, I was redirected to this page. This is the page were you are usually notified if a seller does not deliver to your country but like I mentioned earlier, I've used Avidmax before and they deliver. So in this page, you are basically being asked to select a shipping speed. Standard shipping usually takes about to 10-20 business days and costs a lot less but with expedited shipping, your oder gets to you within 2-5 business days so you will have to pay more. Once you select a shipping speed, Click on any of the two continue buttons.
Six: Once you click on the continue button, it takes you to the final page which is where you place your order. Your own page does not necessarily have to look like this. Amazon in most cases can't really tell what currency you have in your card account so feel free to manually to change it. Once your order has been placed, you will instantly get an email confirmation. You will receive another email once your order has been shipped.

Only about 5% of the third party sellers that I've used actually offer expedited shipping to Nigeria. I mostly use standard shipping which hardly ever offers tracking but my orders usually get to me within 10 working days. Most Amazon third party sellers use USPS to ship so that means that my orders are usually delivered by NIPOST. Luckily for me, the people at the NIPOST office here in Enugu have been very efficient. My orders always get to me on time. The only time that I've experienced delay in delivery was during the christmas period and we all know Nigerian customs, they usually decide to hold on to a lot of things during that period for no good reason.
Not all third party sellers on Amazon are based in the US so don't be surprised when you receive your parcel and actually realize that it came all the way from Singapore.
If you ever decide to use expedited shipping please make sure you contact the seller to ask what courier service they use for that type of shipping. If the seller uses Fedex or DHL then you are good but if the seller uses USPS to ship orders out for express delivery, just stick with standard shipping. I learnt this the hard way. I ordered an item last year from two different sellers on the same day and I chose expedited shipping for both. One of them shipped with fedex and the other one used USPS. The fedex parcel got to me within 5 days like promised  but the one that was shipped with USPS took way more than the estimated delivery time. At the end of the day it wasn't even delivered I was called by those working at EMS which is a private company that handles all express deliveries for NIPOST  and I was told to come to the office and pick up my order and that when coming I should come with the sum of N1,500 or something like that, I can't really remember. So with USPS expedited shipping, you will have to manually go and pick up your order and also pay them for no good reason so be very careful. Like I mentioned in a previous post, you are not supposed to pay any NIPOST delivery man one Naira.

This was a very long post (I don tire) but I promised to put it up and I wanted it to be as detailed as possible. I also have upcoming They deliver posts on vendors that I have used so keep checking!

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  1. Thank you very much for this post. It is very very very helpful. Thank you and God bless.

  2. God Bless your Heart for Publishing this post...
    With this i can try shopping on Amazon.
    The Beautiful Eagle's Blog

  3. Ahhh Dimma indeed a long post, but very informative. Thank you so much...

  4. Thanks for this post... just placed an order on amazon now using your detailed instructions. Fingers crossed now that it get here safely.

  5. This came in right on time. Thank you.

  6. I also know of a personal shopper based in the US that handles shopping and delivering to Nigeria. Their website is if anyone is interested

  7. Thanks a lot for this post. I'm a regular reader on here but I've never put up a comment. I was drawn to you at first because I'm a core 042 chic too, tho I live in Lagos now. Very helpful post as usual.
    I usually just stick to buying e-books on amazon kindle to avoid the hassles that usually come with international shipping, but after reading this, I might just give it a try.

  8. dinma i thought u base in lagos? or did u relocate to enugu?

  9. have you every got anything from aliexpress before?if yes, please what was your experience

  10. I'm so excited... didn't really know all these as i don't get to see domestic and international shipping.... i will definitely give it a trial.
    Thanks alot

  11. I think the 1500 you paid is for customs tax/clearance (not for no good reason like you said). Since the items were coming from outside Nigeria, you are expected to pay some money. I know this because i always shop from china and i study/reside in India. So whenever i make an order, i pay before i receive them. Right now i even have an item waiting for me to pay the customs amount before i take it.

    1. I buy things from UK and US based websites all the time and they are always delivered to me through Nipost if I select standard shipping and I'm never asked to pay a dime. You are only charged when the order is delivered through EMS which handles express shipping for Nipost. I remember asking them if it was a tax/clearance fee and I was told that it wasn't. They said something about handling and all that.
      I believe that it is absolutely wrong to charge someone when you are not even able to make a delivery and trust me you are not expected to pay money because an item is being delivered from another country, thats not how it works.

  12. Thanks for sharing these helpful steps. I can forward it to my friends as well. I am sure Delivery services Fort Worth can also help in getting some of these delivered to me as fast as possible. It was great coming across this post. It is absolutely shareable.