Balenciaga Florabotanica

"A scent from the botanical gardens of Balenciaga Paris, inspired by the woman who is beautiful but dangerous. An enchanting fragrance composed of a green accord twisted by an exhilarating note of juvenile freshness".
I'm going to start off by making it clear that I was ready to hate this perfume. I don't do flowery or fruity when it comes to scents, especially fruity. They tend to linger in the most annoying way so I just stay away. I bought this madam (yes I decided to call her madam) sometime in september. I bought it at duty free so it was a lot cheaper than you would normally get it in stores. 
I wanted to try something new but you see, I'm not very good at describing scents. I tried explaining what I wanted to one of the ladies in the store but most of the things that she recommended were so far from what I actually wanted. My sister Nneoma loves flowery and fruity so communicating with the lady helping was such a breeze. This was the last thing she whipped up after it literally felt like all hope was lost.
 Perfume shopping for me can get really annoying eh, tueh! my brain and nose usually start hissing and sighing after the 4th and 5th sniff.
At first blast, it seemed  a bit too much but after a second sniff, I went straight to the counter to pay. I'm surprised that some reviewers actually think that this perfume smells youthful, youthful gini? It smells very mature and sophisticated to me, but not in an old lady kind of way. I love this for days that I want to kick ass, those days that you fell like a woman and you are not sorry? Yup those days . It smells like rose and aqua and something else that I have no name for at first but gradually softens into a lovely musky scent. The bottle/packaging? one word FIERCE.

Product - Balenciaga Florabotanica 

Quantity - 50ml Price - It usually retails for about $70 to $100 but I honestly can't remember how much it cost me. It shouldn't cost you more than N16,000 though.
Purchased from -Duty free

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