Too faced shadow insurance glitter glue

 If guys can remember, I stated in THIS review that I will have to keep using the Ben Nye glitter glue till I found a better alternative. The reason I even started looking for an alternative in the first place is because it clearly states on the bottle that it wasn't recommended for the immediate eye area.

I did a bit of googling and this baby came up. It is very safe and also highly recommended by most people who have used it .


What It Is:
An extension of our best-selling Shadow Insurance Eye Shadow Primer, Glitter Glue is specifically formulated to lock-down glitter and enhance its reflective quality. Our colorless cream formula grabs and holds loose glitters, pigments and shimmers in place, insuring they won’t come off until you take them off. 

More To Love:  
  • Immaculate Application: Our formula eliminates messy fall out. Glitters, loose powders and shimmer products instantly lock down. Never experience a face full of glitter again!  
  • Easy to Use: Blend a small bead of Glitter Glue directly onto lids or anywhere you want Glamour Dust or shimmering products to adhere. Using your finger or a small shadow brush, press the formula onto lids for an iridescent lockdown effect. 


This product is really good. It is very tacky and goes on clear so it works perfectly when applied on both bare skin on eyeshadow.  It is very very sticky and this helps glitter adhere to it so well. It works well with both glitter and loose pigment.
After applying it on my lids, I just  use a synthetic brush to press/pat in the glitter.  I don't think I'll be purchasing more glitter glue in the near future, this quite simply does the job.

Price: $20
Purchased from - Sephora 


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  1. I've used the two faced lip insurance lip primer . Was amazing. Really nice brand. Can't wait to try this one.. Great job girl? Keep it coming.❤

  2. really cute makeup look !!