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I'm currently on the hunt for foreign websites that actually deliver to Nigeria. I've ordered from a couple of US websites recently and they've all delivered. So you guys should please let me know if you'd like me to make the THEY DELIVER posts regular. is a US website that offers international shipping on beauty products. They carry brands like NYX, Milani, Physicians formula, Sally Hansen, China glaze, Ardell, Lime crime, Klean colour, Wet n wild, Sugarpill, E.l.f, Rimmel london and lots more.

To order from, you need to have an internationally accepted visa or master card. You cannot place an order on using a VERVE card.

To place an order, all you need to do is enter your card number, name on the card, card expiry date and card CVV code.

After you place your order, you are going to receive an email from them asking you to verify the card that you placed your order with. This is I believe is normal procedure for some US websites so its no big deal.

Shipping is calculated by the total weight of your  order. The more you have in your cart, the more you will likely pay for shipping.

They ship with USPS which is the US's local postal service so your order will be delivered to you through NIPOST.

I was charged $18.20 for shipping the package in this post and I believe it's not bad. Some Nigerian websites charge up to N2,000 for delivery inside this same country so I believe that their shipping is ok.

I called the customer care number on the website after I placed my order because I wasn't given an estimated delivery date and the lady that I spoke to told me that shipping to Nigeria usually takes 4 to 6 weeks.

My order came  roughly 4 weeks after it was placed. The delivery man told me that my order had been with them for over a week. He said that that my parcel would have been delivered earlier if not for the fact that their was no phone number on the package. So give or take, the parcel probably got to Enugu 2 weeks after it was shipped.

I honestly don't know why there is never a phone number on my parcels that come through NIPOST. I always fill in a number in all my billing forms. The phone number space is always marked as important so you can't even leave the page without putting something there!!

I chose the cheapest shipping option that they had and with it, you don't get a tracking number.

Two Ardell double up lashes in 203 and 205
Two china glaze nail polishes in Kiwi cool - Ada and Flip flop fantasy
One NYX eye shadow base
One klean colour nail polish in Gold bright
One wet n wild lipstick in sugar plum fairy - This I was really excited about!!!  I've been looking for this particular shade for ages.
One Sally Hansen nail growth miracle serum


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  1. Hi doll, did they really give you a delivery date? i'm asking coz I ordered since Oct 30th and got a confirmation email that it was shipped on Nov 1st. Up until now, no delivery man in view o.. How long did yours take to come? P/S: love ur blog!!

    1. hello dear,
      Thank you so much. Mine took around 4 weeks to get to me. I actually had to call the customer care number on the site since I wasn't given an estimated delivery date and I was told that shipping to Nigeria usually takes around 4 to 6 weeks. I suggest to you go to the NIPOST office closest to your delivery address to look for your parcel. It might be there.

  2. Thanks dimma for the update,I really get disappointed when I can't get stuffs online.Please make it a regular post. God bless you

  3. pls keep doing the 'they deliver posts'. plus i'd really like to request for you to do a tutorial using your wet n wild sugar plum fairy lipstick and also a 'how to wear false eyelashes tutorial.. thank youuuu

  4. Please make the THE DELIVER posts regular

  5. hi dear, i placed an order in february and i still havent gotten my order o! I was very upset and i called and called. They eventually gave me a refund but i was so dissaponted im scared to order again. :(

  6. Youve got some really nice products there girl... you've tempted me to go and get some stuff lol xx

  7. Pls dear dimma alway post products of they deliver I always follow you up and I will be glad if u do so

  8. Hey Dimma!
    You mentioned that they always send you an email to confirm the credit card info you sent.
    I live in Euope and i buy online a lot ( BeautyJoint, Cherry Culture, Ebay...), and i´ve never been sent an email to confirm my card info. I just receive their emails to confirm that my order was successfully made, or that my order has been shipped.
    So, I believe it´s because you are buying from Nigeria. Nigerians+ credit cards have a bad reputation abroad.


  9. Please I'm very much interested in the They deliver posts. But you don't make them anymore. Please make them regular. Thank you

  10. I'm in Nigeria by the way. Enugu to be precise