Maybelline Nigeria

So maybelline is finally here in Naija, yippee!!

I'm sure everyone knows maybelline naa, they are notorious for their very good inexpensive mascaras. If you still do not know them, google is your best friend o.

The brand was officially launched in Lagos late last month with an event that had  mostly people in the entertainment and beauty industry in attendance.  We were basically introduced to the brand and after that, there was a lot of mingling.

I was able to speak to someone on the Maybelline team before I left and she shed light on a few things;

1) They are releasing just the colossal volum' express mascara and the colossal Kajal eyeliner, every other thing will be gradually introduced to the Nigerian market with time.
To say that I disappointed when I heard this is an understatement !! I love love love their colour tattoos and I was already making plans to get my hands on them ASAP! but oh well..

2) There will be no stand alone store.
I was actually very pleased with this bit of information because it means that their products are going to be available in Enugu without too much hassle. Most brands that have lauched themselves on the Nigerian soil actuallly do not have stand alone stores outside the country. Take sleek for  example. Sleek is actually a UK brand and their products are mostly only available in Superdrug and on their website. Same thing with Maybelline, Maybelline is literally a drug store brand. Their products are usually available in Boots and supredrug in the UK.  In the US,  Maybelline is also mostly available in drugstores. So I'm happy getting their products through stores like casabella or even health plus. If they start opening stores eh, Enugu might see one in 5 years time.

We all left the event with goody bags so I will mainly be talking about the content of my bag in this post.

I received the Colossal volum' express mascara, one colossal kajal eyeliner and one maybelline baby lips.

Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara - This to me is  an ok mascara. like I mentioned in a previous post, I have very unruly lashes so most mascaras don't work for me. I'm sure this would work great for most people but the wand was just not made for me.

Maybelline Colossal kajal Eyeliner - This is amazing. It reminds me of the mac feline eye kohl. It is so creamy and goes on smoothly. This liner is so black, I don't think that the last picture did it any justice.
I use this mostly on my waterline and it doesn't irritate my eyes. It lasts all day and it also doesn't smudge so it is definitely a winner. Its is a retractable liner so you don't have to stress yourself with sharpening.

Maybelline Baby lips in Quenched - This is honestly one of the best lip balms that I've ever used. It hydrates so well!! I love the fact that it is not waxy. My lips feel so soft after application and it also smells amazing.


 "The Lord your God is with you; his power gives you victory. The Lord will take delight in you and in his love he will give you new life" Zephaniah 3:17


  1. This is great news. Lmao @ Enugu might see one in 5 years time.

  2. pls do you know what stores carry their products?

  3. hehe! great news! Love maybelline, I have the baby lips so lovely! :)

  4. Please where is maybelline shop located in Nigeria?

  5. Hello I am a maybelline sales associate in lagos state, we have pressed powder, kajal,mascara& baby lips gloss available for sale. Wholesale prices, call 07039529764

  6. Im a Maybelline sales rep in Abuja. pls call 08092656230 and i'll be glad to assist you

  7. Maybelline and House Of Tara Sales Rep, your goods are delivered to you hassle free and nationwide. Join our bbm channel Makarizo Beautique C003D70DC or or Whatsapp/Call 08153734388.

  8. i really wish to get the maybelline fit me foundation