House of Tara

I'm sure we all know about House of Tara. They've been around for ages (literally).
If you are not familiar with the brand, House of tara is an indigenous make up brand that  offers a wide range of makeup and skin care products here in Nigeria. They recently changed their packaging and also introduced a couple of new products. Their packaging is black now and I absolutely love it.

I was sent a couple of products early last month to use and possibly review. Some of the products that I was sent have been around for ages and a couple of them are from their new collection.

I'm just going to get right into it:

HOUSE OF TARA EYESHADOW TRIO IN OSENKEN - I have the shadow trio in Uyayi so I honestly wasn't expecting anything different in terms of pigmentation. This little guy surprised me! When I first swatched it, I wasn't really impressed. I had to swipe some of the colours in it at least three times before I could come up with the amount of colour that I wanted. It took me a while to realise that the problem was from what I was doing and not not the shadow itself. I used the dark purple colour in in an upcoming tutorial and completely fell in love. The shadows didn't show up so well when I swatched them because I was using my fingers. Brushes on the other hand, any type of non synthetic makeup brush loves this stuff. They pick the colours up so nicely, you ma self will even be shocked, lol.

HOUSE OF TARA BLUSH IN AMAYRA - This is a gorgeous coral red blush. Its is super  super pigmented so a little goes a long way. It reminds me of sleek's blush in scandalous but the two shades are slightly different. With this, all you need to do is dab your blush brush once into the colour and you are good to go. There shall be no swirling!! if you swirl your blush brush in this colour before applying it on your cheeks, you are on your own!

HOUSE OF TARA BRONZER IN MEDUIM -  This is a gorgeous gold highlighter, looks lovely when applied lightly on the apple of the cheeks.

HOUSE OF TARA HIGH SHINE LIP STAIN IN NANDI - This is one of my  favourites!!. It is  a gorgeous fuchsia pink with shimmer. It looks and applies like a gloss but it is more pigmented than any gloss I've ever used. It applies evenly and that makes it a dream to work with.

HOUSE OF TARA MATTE LIP COLOUR IN JEMILA - This I absolutely love!!. I won't be speaking too much grammar where this lipstick is concerned so  I  calmly suggest that you try out at least one matte lip colour where ever you see Tara products on display. Jemila is a gorgeous red colour. I used it in my last makeup tutorial but with a darker lip pencil.

HOUSE OF TARA EYEBROW PENCIL IN BROWN - I'm not gonna lie, I haven't really used this product and this is because It is way darker than any eyebrow pencil that I own. If you have used this, feel from to leave a comment down below.

HOUSE OF TARA EYESHADOW PRIMER - I first tried this out  when I was playing around with my friend's makeup. I was really impressed so I made a mental note to buy it whenever I could. I wanted to buy it at the last Lagos  makeup fair but it was sold out by the time I got to the House of Tara stand. It feels waxy and a little bit oily in the pan but when applied, It feels perfect.  Its is slightly sticky and this helps shadow adhere to it very well.

Has anyone tried anything from House of Tara?


"Be merciful to me, O God, because of your constant love. Because of your great mercy wipe away sins!" Psalm 51:1


  1. jemila and nendi looks very beautiful on you.
    you look very lovely.

  2. I love the eyeshadow primer n I also v dis trio in diff gold shades its quite pigmented n applies like a dream. I also got a light pink lippie I fink d name is inyanga' its really cool too. Totally dig the new packaging n I guess I will be getting jemila now

  3. I've used the eyebrow pencil.
    Almost comparable to rimmel professional brow pencil.
    Looked nicer on my mum though.
    Nice post. Got my eye on some jemila.

  4. i just got d foundation and a coupla people told me that it makes one darker, i;m kinda discouraged cuz i was using mary kay before bronze 607. Dinma any advise?

  5. Is d blush good for dark skin tones?luv d lippies tho

  6. I used Tara TA45 powder + foundation and I was wowed. The finish is incredible! That's my favourite powder so far. Tara matte lipstick in Ms. Dee is just on point. Long lasting with a smooth and fine finish. I love these products! Thumbz up!