I like it dark remix

Y'all remember this look?. Well a couple of you asked me to make a video showing how I created it, so here it is. I made things a little different by adding glitter though. I hope you guys like.

Black up matifying primer
Mac studio finish concealer - nw 40 
Black Up cream to powder  foundation - FC11
Ben Nye banana powder  
Black up cosmetics two way cake - TW 11
sleek makeup contour kit - dark
sleek blush  - Flushed


Mac paint - Bamboom
Sleek primer palette - Silver lining  (lid)
Casabella eyeshadow - Nutmeg (above crease)
Mary kay eyeshadow - Silver satin (lid)
Mary Kay eyeshadow - Expresso (Crease)
Mary kay eyeshadow  - coal (outer V)
Mac eyeshadow - ricepaper (highlight)
Mary kay Eyeyshadow - almond (highlight)
Ben Nye glitter glue
NYX glitter powder - Disco ball (lid)
Wet n wild mega eyes creme liner 
Mary Kay lash love mascara
Ardell- Wispies 

Mary Kay  eyebrow pencil  - Brunette
Mac eyeshadow - Embark
Mac studio finish concealer - Nw 45


Davis eye and lip pencil  - No 23
Jordana Lipstick - Eggplant


"Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you." Matthew 7:7


  1. Ever since I found you on YouTube, I have been glued to your channel and to find out that you have a well arranged blog is more exciting. Please keep uploading and i will keep on watching. You are Wonderful.

  2. Woww. Beauitiful. You should consider making money from this. You are really good. Wish i could be half as good at doing my makeup :(. What colour shade powder do you use in Mac, i want to know if the eggplant lipstick will suit me

    1. Thank you so much hun!
      I'm an NW45 in studio fix fluid and powder.

  3. Hi, flawless job as usual. Pls can you do a step by step pic tutorial for those of us that can't access youtube. Thank you

  4. love!!! love!!! love!!!
    btw, ur yet to approve my comment on the giveaway post :(

  5. Your edges look perfect. I LOVE the makeup look.

  6. Beautiful makeup as usual. Love your hair!

  7. Oh my WORD!

    How gorgeous are you? You lil' stunner you!

    Your skin looks FLAWLESS. The eye make up is spot on. Please come and do my make up, please? Hehe.

    Totes following you now.



  8. I just came across your blog yesterday and I've been glued. Love it. Going o youtube now to view some of ur videos. U r super cute and u have great skin. I wld love to see ur skin care regimen.
    Pls what's ur view on revlon colour stay for oily skin. I have very oily skin wht do u suggest?
    Love u boo! Lol!

    1. hello dear,
      The revlon colorstay foundation is great for people with oily skin I've tried it before and it controlled oil so well. The only reason I stopped using it was because I generally don't do well with liquid foundations.
      I currently use black up foundations. I have both the liquid and cream but I use more of the cream to powder foundation.

  9. this is soo stunning!
    what kind of camera do you use to record pls?

  10. Love this look, so beautiful!


  11. OK! Now I wish I could do my own make up like this! I love seeing it on people but I don't even have time for it! I can go without applying eye shadow for weeks *covers face*I just manage and draw my eyebrow but I jus watched ur eyebrow video and I loved it. Will try it out soonest. Also where do u get d lashes u use? You shud start doing makeovers or even makeup school, u're very good

    1. Thank you so much. I mostly buy my lashes from Casabella

  12. Hi, I sooo love ur make up. I wish I could pull this on my own. Pls id appreciate if u cld state reasons for using particular products cos im getting confused as to which product or colour/shades to buy. For instance, u use Mac studio finish concealer - nw 40 and sometimes u use Mac studio finish concealer - nw 45/nc 45, also in some cases, u use mary kay eye primer while in some cases, u use urban decay or sleek primer palette. I guess im just mixing everything up. Maybe you will be my personal guide for make up (lol)

    1. Thank you dear.
      i use the Mac studio finish concealer in Nw45 which is my exact shade to define my eyebrows and conceal spots. I use the Mac studio finish concealer in Nw40 which is two shades lighter than my natural skin tone to highlight, I mostly use it under the eyes. The mary kay eyeshadow primer and the urban decay eyeshadow primer do the exact same thing I tend to use the mary kay eyeshadow primer more because I love it more. I never use the sleek primer palette to prime my eyes because its not good for priming in my opinion irrespective of what the name says, I use it as base because it is very sticky.

  13. hi, love your blog and make up...Hard to believe you learned all these without enrolling in any make up school, lol... Ermmm, pls where did you get ur Jordana lipstick? Been searching for so long but all to no avail:-(

  14. hi dinma...i really love ur blog...but am confused cos u neva state d name of d eyelash u use. pls wat is d name of d lashes u use?

    1. Hello,
      I always show and state the lashes that I use in my videos. I also always add to the list of products that I used. For this tutorial, I used Ardell wispies.