Ben Nye glitter glue

I've been searching for something that will hold  glitter in place  for the longest time, so I was very very excited when I saw this bad boy.This glue was in my last haul post, It was one of the few things I purchased from the Gifty's daughter store.

Brush thin layer onto skin. Apply sparklers, glitter, small rhinestones or similar accent to glue with brush or fingertips . Press lightly to set.

I've used this a few times and its amazing. A thin coat is really all you need. I just apply a thin layer  of glue wherever I want, then I pat the glitter into the wet glue then let it dry.
With this, there is little or no fall out so you don't have to constantly dust glitter off your face.

This glue is primarily used for applying glitter on the body and it isn't really advisable that you use it on the immediate eye area (It states that on the bottle) so you have to be very very careful if you decide to use this on the eye are. It fumes a little so your eyes might water a little bit when you first apply it.  If your eyes are very sensitive I'll advise you skip this completely. I use glitter once in a blue moon so this will do till I find a better alternative.

The consistency is almost like water so it is very liquidy (If that makes any sense). It comes  in a little jar that has a brush in the lid and you get 29ml of product.

Purchased from - Gifty's Daughter 
Price - N3,500


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  1. I saw you use this in one of your videos and its now on my wishlist. Gonna get it.

  2. I have also used glitter products and I mainly use body glitter. It is good as well as you look different. So you can also try this, it is easily available.