For the love of Mac

Mac is finally here!!! I first heard that they were coming to Nigeria in December and you guys couldn't begin to imagine how excited I was. They opened their first store at Ikeja city mall last month and I'm still patiently waiting for them to open the one at the palms.

I went to the store in Ikeja  with the intention of repurchasing my studio finish concealer in NW45 and getting a few lipsticks.
The store looked like most mac stores I've been to.  The layout out  made everything easy to find and accessible. I know this is a computer generated image but I think the store looks exactly like  this.  I didn't bother going there with my camera because I know that Ikeja city mall has something against taking pictures inside a store. I wish I had pictures to show you guys though. 

They had most of the things I asked for  but some lipsticks were out of stock  including ruby woo.

I bought the studio finish concealer in NW45 and two lipsticks in Up the Amp and Cyber. The lipsticks which sell for $15 dollars in the US and £14 in the UK sold for N3,800 each and the concealer which sells for $18 in the US and £14.50 in the UK sold for N4000. Americans are so lucky!

Up the Amp -  Gorgeous lavender colour with an amplified creme finish. The colour pay off is amazing. I'm sure that I'm going to wear the heck outta this lipstick.

Cyber- beautiful eggplant/intense dark purple colour  with a satin finish. This lipstick is not for the faint hearted. I know that I considered getting this  several times but  always changed my mind the second I was about to pay. Its extremely creamy and perfect for those who like it vampy.

Mac studio finish concealer in NW45- this concealer is my favourite Mac concealer ever. I use it to conceal spots when I have any and I also use it to define my brows. It doesn't break me out so its just perfect. If you have oily skin and nothing seems to be working please consider trying this stuff.

Has anyone gone to the Mac store?



  1. thats awesome news hun,love your purchases up e amp is a fave of mine. the concealer is also gr8

  2. nice!!! ive always wanted to get cyber. it looks nice on you. might just get it soon. im tempted

  3. Lipstick colors are gorge!

  4. Whoop! Whoop! So glad MAC is in naij now! Time for women to go broke! lool

  5. Ugh! Can't believe I still haven't been to the store! Feel like my 'Select Cover-up' concealer doesn't really conceal much, think ill get the 'Studio Finish' concealer seems it gives a heavier coverage. Great post hun xx

  6. Thats great :) love both shades u got x

  7. Mac has got some really nice lipsticks shades and so much worth the prices..lovely shades you gt btw :)

  8. I've been to the store, yaaay me! Lol. Got 2 lipsticks; velvet teddy and impassioned which I absolutely LOVE! They both look so good on you :)

  9. cool shades of lipstick.i like them.

  10. Hi, I live in Abidjan is there anyway I could get the store's number so I could contact?