Review: Mac Matchmaster Foundation

i got the mac match master foundation in November 2011 but i first  saw  it on august that same year while i was on holiday. i remember going to a mac counter with my sister to  pick up her studio fix plus powder and the sales rep was trying to show her this foundation, i was like don't even look at it! . the only mac liquid foundation i'd used at the time was the mac studio fix fluid and my skin didn't like it at all so i didn't want her going near that one.

when i got back to Nigeria i realized that the bare minerals powder foundation i was using was breaking me out badly. i immediately started looking for something to replace it with. i did some heavy googling,  before i decided  to try this, lol . the reason i finally gave in was because a lot people with oily skin really liked it and were raving about it. i had someone help me buy this and i've used it quite a lot.

the mac matchmaster is different from some other mac foundations for a couple of reasons. firslty the shades are numbered differntly. mac decided to use a neutral coloring system as opposed to their normal NW/NC color system . mac  also claims that the matchmaster foundation is a neutral toned foundation so people who are NW and NC can fall under one shade in the matchmaster. 
i didn't get matched in a store before buying this, i used the match master color conversion chart. in the chat those who used mac NW 45 ( which i am) were in the shade 8.0.

the mac matchmaster foundation comes with a pump, thank goodness! cause i know the studio fix fluid didn't come with one and it just made using it difficult. the pump gives you great control when dispensing the product and its practically the same  with the one the fix+ comes with.

mac matchmaster foundation (left), mac matchmaster (right)
 the mac matchmaster comes in a 35ml bottle making it the biggest mac liquid foundation till date. you can see that clearly in the picture above. it has a smell to it but that doesn't bother me, I've used foundations (revlon colorstay) that smell more weird. 

"New foundation  technology using translucent pigments  to enable fully personalized finish influenced by subtleties of your own skin's undertone. Moiusturising demi-matte finish. meduim buildable coverage.
Line-reducing soft-focus powders"

this is a good foundation. like i said in a previous post i have sensitive oily skin and with that said  there are very few foundations that don't break me out. what i love love love  about this foundation is the way it controls oil. when i wear this i can go 6 hours straight without blotting or touching up.

I've seen and heard a lot f people say that this foundation gives light to medium coverage but i think it gives medium to full coverage. when i started using this foundation i had a lot of spots and it did a pretty good job covering them without the help of concealer.

it has a demi-matte finish which makes idle for those with normal to oily skin. i wouldn't recommend this foundation to those with dry skin because it tends to highlight the dry areas or dry patches on the skin.

I haven't been using this of recent but that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with it, i've just been using cream based products more. my sister who has normal to oily skin and  is in the shade 7.5 still uses hers everyday and her skin just loves it. 

p.s i happen to have two of these and would be giving one away in a give away post coming up soon. so you guys should be on the alert, lol.

Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions. i love and appreciate the feedback you guys


  1. Never heard of this one, but next time I'm around mac I will try it out. You know you can get a pump separetly for your studio fix. That's what I do.

    1. i know the pumps the sold separately but i don't think that's fair.

  2. great review honey,sadly mac foundations dont really work for my skin plus i fall inbeatween shades of nc45&50 lol

    1. thanks dear. i think i'm also in between shades in some of their foundations.

  3. dis is really nice dimma de more i look @ ur post de more i get inspired 2 become a make up artist!!!!! hw do i get dis mac foundtion nd fix

    1. thank you so much dear. if you live in Enugu you can get them at red wrappings.x

  4. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!! You are such an inspiration to me. Thank You

  5. Love ur. Blog swt well inspired by ur.vidoes

  6. Today if the first time im coming across you and your blog and i feel so elated cos ure igbo cos i am too. lol. you are doing a very good job. i want to make a request,dunno if it will work but is there a way one can search for particular make up terms in the search bar? for example i wanted to search for how to do "Tears eye make up" u know the make up that looks like you have tears at the tip of ur under eyes but i could not find anything. if u can have various names for the variety of make up u do and if people like me can search for them, that will be awesome. Keep it up!!!



  8. please what is the amount for the mac foundation u mentioned above....... am interested in it