So guys, the fact is that we all need a number of small items every now and then that we cannot find locally.  There are times I find the product I am looking for, but the available variety just won’t do. I am then left staring at the ones I want on my phone in shops online, unable to access them because either… the shop won’t ship to my destination… or the delivery fee is too much… or I have to wait and bulk ship to make it worth the cost… or I am worried the item can get missing if deemed valuable or getting someone I know to buy the item and send by courier is bothersome, awkward and expensive. 
This is a problem we all face. Locals, expatriates and visitors.  Tell me you have not experienced this before? That is my problem this minute. I am working out how best to replace my Charlotte Tilbury eyebrow pencil and how to also buy and receive a discreet wearable blood pressure monitor for my elderly aunt!
So I am excited to let you know I have come across SkyCliQ and signed onto their just launched waitlist –  
SkyCliQ is an innovative marketplace that connects travellers and shoppers to make online shopping from the UK and USA more accessible, with delivery fees up to 70% lower than courier prices. It gets better. SkyCliQ enables travellers earn as they travel! 
  1. To begin with – no one gives you a package to travel with. No! No! No! You scroll through item listings on the platform from requesters and buy the items yourself.
  2. The traveller simply drops off the item on arrival at the airport with SkyCliQ’s local service providers, who are also customs agents. They confirm the item and they take care of the clearing and all customs matters.  The agents then arrange for delivery of the item to the recipient in the destination city.  And so your name is not needed on the platform to connect. You only use your initials.
  3. SkyCliQ’s first 3 destination cities from the USA or UK are: Accra, Lagos and Kigali – anyone above the age of 18 can join the waitlist at https:/// All you need is your email address to join the waitlist.
  4. There are NO subscription fees on the platform – zero!
  5. Every listing by shoppers on the platform is FREE
  6. Uniquely, you only pay for your delivery when the item arrives to your destination city – Awesome! 
  1. It is affordable! Delivery fees from the UK start from just £9.99, and for the most part it is 70% lower than regular courier costs from the USA. 
  2. Straightforward end-to-end process all on your device - from requesting to receiving the items at your doorstep.
  3. Travellers get to earn as they travel, monetizing any unused space they have. 
  4. IMPORTANTLY as a traveller, you get to impact the well-being of fellow community members with items listed they may not just want, but truly need – such as my aunt’s health aid that I need to get for her. 

Need I say more? SkyCliQ is about to revolutionise the way we shop online and travel – Join the waitlist and follow on social media to learn more.