You guys have been requesting this like crazy so I finally got around to filming it. I went into a lot of detail in the video but I've also written things down in this post for quick reference. I used different carpenters because some of them kept disappointing with delivery. I would highly recommend Suleimon though, delivery was mostly prompt with him. Dolapo is really talented but can be all over the place sometimes.


White Table: Made by Paul
Bed side table: Made by Paul
Bed: Made by Dolapo
Candles: R&R Luxury

Filming Desk/Makeup Desk: Made by Dolapo
9 Drawers Storage Units: Made by Dolapo
Editing Desk: Made by Suleimon
Cupboard: Made by Suleimon
Corner wall shelves: Made by Suleimon
Straight Wall shelves: Made by Paul
Metal Table made by Mom's welder
Glass on metal table and makeup Desk: Installed by Suleimon

Vases and Fake flowers mainly from Ikea and H&M, they are mostly old and I just brought them back home with. They sold for between £0.99 to £3


Two Chairs - Tesco ( I bought them when I traveled for treatment last year) But I've recently seen similar chairs here in Lagos. Check Eleganza for one.
Rubber carpets are called arm strong carpets here in Nigeria, I bought them from Ojuelegba, check below for sellers details.
Bedsheets: You can get really good ones from Game. I buy most of my bedsheets from there.
The Plant in the filming room is called Golden palm.
I used spray paints by a brand called Rust Oleum
Contact paper was installed by Parliamo and Bambini (Check Instagram)
Similar wooden trays can be purchased from the Colors in Africa store in Circle Mall, Jakande. 


Paul: 07060920293
Suleimon: 08161679122/08088903013

Stephen: 08172309362

KELECHI: 08090836047

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