This setting spray was an impulse buy for me. I was in a good mood and the sales lady was really sweet so I let the money go, lol. Thinking back on the whole thing now, it was a perfect example of why good sales reps matter, they can do and undo.  Setting sprays have never been my thing, I've monitored my face closely after trying a few of them in stores and I never saw a good difference and in some cases, they made me get oily a lot faster than I normally would. Add this, to the fact that I find it really disturbing, my having to spray something liquid over a face that I have laboured on, mba.

I bought the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray shortly before moving back home so I was never really able to put it to test while I was in the UK. I wish now that I had, so that I can at least confirm my  nagging suspicion that this product is not for humid weather.

This setting spray did not work for me, Mba. My face looked shiny the minute I was done spaying it and the shininess  did not go away till I took a powder brush to my face, it made no sense. I have oily skin I'm never one to invest in any foundation or product that gives you a dewy finish, I am naturally dewy, thank you. Or at least I get inevitably dewy before the day runs out so I try as much as possible to avoid starting dewing because that just means that I will end up greasy. If you are not familiar with Nigerian weather, it is often hot and humid, the perfect weather to put this type of product to test and it did not hold up at all, at least for me.

The only thing that I love about  this product is the spraying nozzle, it distributed the product evenly all over my face BUT, I had problems with the bottle itself. It is pretty and all but then it stains like crazy which I find a bit hilarious, considering the fact that it was created for makeup users. Makeup application is often a messy process and if you happen to  pick this bottle up with a little foundation on your hands, it will leave an imprint. I bought the 30ml bottle just to try so I don't have much to regret.

If you have dry skin, this review might not even be relevant to you so just ignore me and go try it out for yourself.

Has anyone tried this setting spray? Did you like it?



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