Ever since I saw Missy Lynn wearing a certain brown lipstick on Instagram, that shade of brown had been low key haunting me in my sleep. She hinted after numerous questions from her followers on social media that the shade was something created by her and that everyone should just watch out for it. After she revealed that it was a part of a collaboration between her and BH cosmetics, my goodness was I ready, I went from Instagram straight to my browser the minute she announced that it was now available for purchase on the BH cosmetics site!

The Missy Lynn Collection is made up of four different colour Lock lipstick shades. There's Serenity, Cloud 9, Missy Lynn and L'amour. I actually added L'amour (deep berry shade) into my cart, but swapped it last minute for Cloud 9, I was like Chidimma how many deep berry lipsticks can you own?

I ended up buying two shades, Missy Lynn - a dark brown with red undertones, and Cloud 9 - an earthy beige shade. They sold for $6.50 each and shipping to the UK cost me $5. I'm not even going to lie, I low key regret not buying L'amour because the formula on these lipsticks, AMAZING. They are so creamy, and so so pigmented! I've spent more money on lipsticks that don't even apply half this good.

They are not matte in my opinion, the finish that you get with them is something comparable to Mac's amplified finish however, they apply more smoothly and evenly than the Mac amplified lipsticks. The packaging is really cute, very girly and PURPLE, you guys know how I feel about purple. The lipsticks twist in and out very smoothly, nothing gets stuck or stiff. For $6.50 please thou shalt not miss out on these lipsticks.

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 4.5/5

"God who gives seed to sow and bread to eat will multiply the seed for you and also increase, the fruits of your good works." 2 Corinthians 9:10