I had one Mac blush for the longest time and I'm sure that most of you know which one it was! lol.  I've purchased a few more this past year, so I think that its safe to claim that I have a collection going on here. I'll be sharing some of my current favourites in this post, they are not all that I own, but they are the easiest to wear in the bunch.

Ambering Rose (Sheertone): Mac describes this shade as a "muted rose". I feel like if a red rose and and an amber gem had a baby, it will probably look exactly like this blush, lol. It is very pigmented but blends out very nicely. I mostly use it with a light hand, on days that I want to add a very natural flush to my cheeks. Like most sheertone blushes by Mac, Ambering rose has some bits of shimmer in it, and also goes on sheer on first application but it is very very  buildable. Hence, it could easily go from a somewhat pinkish/coppery shade to a bright red, depending on application.

Raizin (Matte): Raizin was the first blush that I ever bought from Mac and at a point, it seemed like I was steady using it in almost all my tutorials. It is one of those few blushes that have the ability to look good with any lip colour, any! It looks good with nudes, pinks, reds and browns, it all depends on application. For anyone who is looking to start buying Mac blushes and doesn't know what colour to start with, I would highly recommend Raizin.

Sweet as Cocoa (Sheertone): Mac describes sweet as cocoa as a "brown with pearl". It is a gorgeous brick rose, with neutral undertones. It is a sheeertone blush, just like ambering rose is, however it has a lot less shimmer than it does.  For people with a lighter skin tone, Sweet as cooca could easily pass as a bronzer. It is super pigmented, blends out very well and is very buildable.

Film Noir (Matte): Film Noir is the most recent addition to my growing collection. The colour drew me in and on the day that I purchased it, I struggled to remember if I had ever even seen it at a Mac counter, it just looks like something that I would never have passed up. Mac describes it as a "rich warm chocolate" and it is hands down the darkest blush that I own. I go for it on those days that I want to go full on dark, days that I don't feel like toning anything down. I just go on ahead and slap it on, together with what ever dark lipstick shade that I have chosen, hehe. It is matte like Raizin however it isn't as smooth. I would highly recommend that it be applied with a brush that is not very dense, something like the real techniques blush brush. Brushes like that don't pick up too much at once and they also help for a more even application.

All blushes sold for £18.50

What are your favourite Mac blushes?


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