I feel like I'm forever plagued by gel liners that dry up. I've tried them all, from the really affordable ones, to the not so affordable ones and they just never stay the same after a period of time. I've recently seen some people  claim that Inglot's duraline was the best thing since sliced bread. I watched them list its numerous benefits, however the only benefit that really stuck with me is, its ability to revive dried up gel liner, the rest sounded like white noise, lol.

I bought Inglot Duraline a month ago because it actually hit me that I had about 6 jars of barely used, dried up gel liners lying around the house and some of them were not even up to 2 weeks old! The weather is a bit drier now so its like you blink and your gel liner turns solid!

Prior to trying Inglot Duraline, I had tried different things in a bid to revive my gel liners, oil, Visine eye drops, name it! but they never gave me results that were were pleasing or long lasting. According to Inglot, Duraline is a "waterless clear liquid that can intensify the colour of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid" so Duraline is actually more popular for transforming powder eyeshadows into semi liquid pastes that can be used as gel liners.

I'm back to using some of my dried up gel liners, thanks to this product. It comes in a clear glass bottle, with a dropper built into the cap. There's a little knob on top of the cap that when pressed down, can get more product into the dropper and also dispense it. Two drops of the Duraline can literally transform a full jar of dry gel liner into gooey paste. I Like to add the drops and then turn everything into a paste with a pick however, you can add a drop once in a while to revive a portion of your gel liner with each use.

Unlike the other products that I've used in the past to try to fix my dried up gel liners, Inglot Duraline does not affect the formula of your gel liner in a negative way i.e it doesn't break down the formula, neither does it cause the gel liner to loose pigmentation. It sold for £8 here in the UK, which isn't bad in my opinion. Inglot has a few stores in Nigeria, I'm definitely sure that they are in Enugu and Lagos so it should be easy getting your hands on this product if you are in Nigeria.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 4/5


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