This post has been so highly requested! filmed a video for it last weekend but I've battling a very bad cold, hence the delay. The video is mainly a morning skin care routine for my face but it also gives information on skin care products that I use during the night time and on my body.

The video covers everything asides from the products that I use to cleanse my body. I received an email from a reader last night, asking me of the soap that I use, so I decided to quickly include them in this post. I use these body washes by Imperial leather, they sell for less that one pound here. Imperial leather has a range very similar to this one in Nigeria, and I'd normally buy the washes from  different supermarkets, including Shoprite. They sold for about N300 a bottle.

NB: is an american brand that offers international shipping. However it is important that I mention  that their shipping is  very expensive and depending on where you live, you might be required to pay custom fees when it arrives. The Clarins bright plus range is on the other hand, only available within the states. I buy these products in bulk and stock up for about a year whenever I travel to the US or when I have someone who is traveling and is willing to help me bring them back. The regimen literally saved my skin, anyone who knows me personally will tell you this. I've been acne free for close to five years now, thanks to the regimen so I highly recommended.

PRODUCTS MENTIONED Cleanser Treatment 
Clarins bright plus moisturizer 
Clarins Multi Active Night Cream 
Claris eye contour balm 
Lush Bubblegum lip scrub 
Garnier Body Tonic firming hydrating lotion 
Ambi Soft & Even Creamy Oil Lotion (Recommended) 
Imperial Leather body wash 

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