I don't think that I've ever searched for a dupe for any product the way that I searched for a dupe for the Sigma Spa brush cleaning glove. I used some not so bad alternatives along the line but I got to a point where I decided to invest in anything that would make my brush cleansing routine not so much of a chore.

The main thing that put me off buying this product for so long was the price, I think that I paid close to $40 for it when I purchased it last year. It was, and still is expensive in my opinion. I remember almost buying this a couple of times, literally adding it to may cart and then going - "is this not rubber bikonu (please)?"

After several google searches, I decided to try silicone oven gloves since a lot of people believed that they were very good dupes for the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove. I went to Shoprite after making up my mind, hoping that I would find silicone rubber gloves but I didn't, however I found some textured rubber gloves in the gardening section and I picked up a pair because they looked a bit similar to the silicone oven gloves that I had seen online. They were decent when it came to washing brushes, especially small brushes like eye shadow brushes. However, they were lightly textured to aid the  gripping of garden equipment so they were not really effective for washing bigger brushes that had liquid foundation, buried deep within them.

I purchased the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove over a year ago and I've never cleansed my brushes without it, ever. The different textures on the glove run deeper that those that you get with garden gloves, which helps for deep and effective cleansing. This glove is the first one that Sigma ever released, I realized recently that they no longer sell it. The version that they have right now has two thumbs as opposed to one like the one featured in this post. It is double sided, one side is made up of small textures for eye brushes and the other side, the side mostly photographed in this post, has bigger textures for washing face brushes. Each side is divided into three sections, Wash (recommended for washing), Rinse (recommended for rinsing) and Refine (recommended for squeezing excess water out of brushes). It comes with an additional glove that looks like wash cloth and from the directions given on the packaging that it came in, you are supposed to wear it underneath the silicone glove, I did away with it a long time ago, I didn't think that it was comfortable to wear under the glove.

With this glove, I now cleanse my brushes in half the time that I normally would have in the past. I've found that this brush works best when paired with a solid brush cleanser, my favorite cleanser to use with it is the beauty blender solid brush cleanser.

If you are willing to just overlook the price (lol) this is a purchase that I don't believe that you will regret.

Rating: 4.5/5
Price: 2.5/5

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