I bought this oil shortly before the start of summer but I stopped using it once the weather got warm, I tend to stay away from oils in hot weather. However, I went back to it again, in my recent quest for a better hydrating body lotion. If you watched my skin care routine video,  you probably know that I was looking to replace the lotion that I'd been using.

I'd like to clearly state before going further that I did not stop using this oil because it was heavy or  greasy, this oil is by far, the lightest oil that I've ever used, it is even lighter than bio oil so it literally disappears into whatever area you apply it on. I bought this product on a whim because it claimed to do everything that bio could do.

The Palmer's skin therapy oil  comes in a 150ml bottle that sells for about £9.99, price can vary, depending on the seller. I bought mine from Superdrug. One of my favorite things about it, is the pump that it comes with, the pump gives much needed control when it comes to dispensing this type of oil. For an oil that is as light weight as it is, the hydration is impressive. It is not as intensely hydrating as bio oil is but it does a descent job. It claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry and damaged skin, uneven skin tone and aging skin. I haven't been using this with the intention to improve any of these areas therefore I haven't been paying attention to see if it did anything  to them. However, I also haven't had  anything stand out to me all of a sudden, you know, like how I using bio oil on my skin for using sake a while back and then all of a sudden I  realized one day that some of my stretch marks have actually faded. It smells slightly like rosehip, since it contains rosehip fragrance, however, it still smells strongly of cocoa butter,

This oil would be perfect if you live in a place where the weather is a bit warm, that is, if  you don't mind the overall feel of oil in warm weather. I recently purchased the vaseline cocoa radiant intensive care body lotion and let me tell you guys, paired with the Palmer's skin therapy oil you get something amazing. They both smell like cocoa butter so the oil doesn't affect the addicting cocoa butter smell that you get with the vaseline lotion. I mix one pump of the skin therapy oil with about a dime size amount of the vaseline cocoa radiant body lotion and my skin hasn't  felt this soft in a long time.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5

"I know you desire truth in the heart, you teach me wisdom in my inmost being." Psalm 51: 6