The hype surrounding this foundation!! It was a bit crazy at one point, everyone was using it in every tutorial, with stellar reviews. I actually purchased this a few months back but I couldn't really test it out because of how busy I was with school. Well school is over and I've put it to good use.

According to Nars, the Luminous weightless foundation is an "oil-free foundation that delivers full, natural-looking coverage with one drop, for lightweight, 16-hour wear." This foundation comes in 20 shades and retails for £32, It is without a doubt, one of the priciest foundations that I own. It comes in a frosted bottle with a pump, the packaging also screams "sleek",  something that I've come to associate with Nars. I'm in the shade New Guinea. Trinidad was a bit too yellow and New Orleans, the shade that I actually thought that I'd fall into before I went the store, was a bit too red. 

The first thing that I noticed on first use was the consistency, this foundation is very liquidy, like very runny liquidy, so I was excited to see if it would actually live up to its full coverage in a drop claim. Most foundations that give me full coverage are on the thick side so liquidy and full coverage - made me a bit skeptical. Well, I don't know what they put in this foundation but it is actually really full coverage, lol. Its one of those foundations that actually cover up everything for me, without any type of colour correcting. The second thing that I also noticed was how lightweight it was on the skin. You know that "something is sitting on my face feel" that you get with most foundations? it is completely absent with the Luminous weightless foundation.

However, here is the thing, I don't for the life of me understand why a lot of people with combination to oily skin claimed to swear by this foundation at one point. I realized recently that most of the people that made me buy the Luminous weightless foundation no longer even use it in tutorials and they all have oily to combination skin. In addition, this foundation did not last me 16 hours, and my skin isn't even the oiliest. 6 hours is the most I've gone with it, still looking decent and its not like the weather is even hot here. Secondly, this foundation moves! I have smile lines around my mouth and it sinks into them, very quickly.

With that said, I will not recommend this foundation for days when you want a matte finish. In my opinion, it gives a semi matte/dewy finish and this can be seen from in finish that I had in my Wine  makeup tutorial. It is also not something that you might want if you have a lot of open pores on your face, it might highlight them. If you you are not so oily and without any serious lines on your face, this foundation might be a dream come true.

Rating: 3/5
Price: 2.5/5

"Look at the birds in the sky; they do not sow, they do not harvest nor do they store food in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than birds?" Matthew 6:26