If you follow me on Instagram or  watched the current favorites video that I published a few months back, you've probably seen me rave about these. I love to paint my nails, the process is borderline therapeutic so I do it often. As a result, other than opacity, the next thing that I look out for with polishes is staying power.

With these polishes, B girl came first. I remember going to the drugstore to pick up some medication  the day that I saw a display advertising the Sally Hansen miracle Gel . The ad claimed  that you could get up to two weeks of wear with them without chipping, in my mind, I was like odiegwu! I decided to give in though, however, I think that what convinced me to  give them a try was the gel without the lamp aspect of the whole thing, I just wanted to see how close to the truth the ad was.

I bought B girl with the Miracle gel topcoat and applied both the next morning. You see, with the Sally Hansen miracle gel, it is highly recommended that you skip the base coat step. I did this with a lot of skepticism because I didn't see how a polish was supposed to last without a base coat, what on earth would it adhere?? Well I was in for a surprise because I had it on for one week straight on my natural nails without any chipping. Trust me,  I went back and grabbed almost every shade that I found appealing, I couldn't berieve it! For people who wear nail polish on their natural nails, one week is a loong time to go without chipping so I had every right to be excited. I currently own 7 of them, in descending order, Creme de la Creme, Lemon Heaven , Rosey Riveter, B Girl, Tidal Wave, Short Cir-cute and Truffle Shuffle. The top coat comes in a black bottle but is actually clear like most other top coats. They sold for about $8 dollars each when I bought them last year at CVS.

A couple of you here in the UK have told me that you've had difficulty getting some of the shades that I currently own, especially Truffle Shuffle. Well I recently discovered that some of the miracle gel shades are not available here in the UK and Truffle Shuffle is sadly one of them.

On a final note, I recently tried the Sally Hansen miracle gel on gel nails with hopes that it would last longer than it did on my natural  nails but it didn't. For some reason, it started fading on the tips after about a week. I have a feeling that it might have lasted longer on my gel nails if I had used my Orly bonder as base coat underneath.

Rating: 4/5
Price: 2/5


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