I went to my nearest Clinique stand a while ago to repurchase the clinique wash away gel cleanser which is literally my all time favourite make up remover and without blinking, the lady at the counter gave me news that almost felled me. I was told that it had been discontinued and I honestly didn't find it funny. A lady next to us broke out laughing at the look on my face. I stood there literally giving them the Fix It Now look and two of them immediately started swearing by the cleansing balm.
I decided to go on ahead and give it a try so I paid for it, got home used and fell in love. Like where have I been, how did I never hear of this product and how good it was? Compared to the way that the cleansing balm works, the wash away gel was stress! This bad boy breaks down everything! foundation, mascara, gel liner, lipstick, everything!

Its is a solid balm that warms up once it comes in contact with the skin. It looks greasy, like something that has oil in it but trust me guys it is oil free. I just gently massage it into dry skin, you don't need to wet your face before going in with this and it will gently break down every stitch of makeup. You can either rinse it off with water or wipe it off with a damp wash cloth but I prefer to use a wash cloth. It leaves your face feeling clean and not greasy like most cleansing oils do.

Product: Clinique take the day off - Cleansing balm.
Price: £20
Where to buy: You can buy this from any Clinique stand near you. If you live in Nigeria, Lagos precisely you can buy this from the Clinique stand at Ikeja city mall or order online from Selfridges.

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