I made up my mind to get this about 2 months ago, shortly after watching my girl Nek2u's makeup haul video on youtube. She was positively excited about this product. The thing I found the most interesting was the way she described the consistency of the liner. I decided immediately after watching her video to give it a try because I was tired of gel liners that kept drying up for no good reason.
The Kiko gel liner is like nothing I've seen or tried before. It is literally a hybrid between gel and liquid liner. Looking at it for the first time, I remember thinking, which kin runny oily mess be this? but that was the last negative thought that was directed towards this bad boy. This liner isn't solid at all nor is it liquid. It has a softly whipped consistency that looks a bit oily but trust me, it does not in any way feel oily. It glides on smoothly and works well with any good liner brush. It also applies way blacker than it looks in the jar and dries absolutely matte. Like when I say matte, I mean MATTE. When it dries eh, I'm sorry for you if you in any way decide to go near it with something that is not oil based or specialized for taking off makeup, you will sleep there.
I haven't used this for a long time but I can't imagine it ever drying up in the jar because of its consistency. I've read a couple of reviews by people who own it and a few of them clearly stated that it does not dry up so I'll update this post if it ever does.

Product: Kiko long lasting gel eyeliner
Price: £8.90  (about N2,350)
Purchased from: Kiko store, London

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