Adere - Pink with blue undertones 
Erewai - Bright peachy pink 
Takure - Dark prurple

I've been gradually adding to my lip liner collection and I've learnt with time that lip liners are one of those essentials that you don't have to spend a hand and foot on. I've been going mostly for the very affordable ones of late and I don't think I'm ever going back. 

I fell in love with the House of Tara lip liners after I got my hands on Osomote. Osomote  which is a very dark purple is still and will always remain one of my favorite lip pencils for lining my purple and pink lipsticks. I got my hands on these three bad boys on the day of the House of Tara store launch.
I instantly fell in love with Takure and paid for it immediately. Erewai and Adere I received as I was minding my own business, lol.

These liners are amazing. They apply smoothly and have amazing color pay off and lets not forget the fact that they are very affordable. They come in black pencils that look very similar to the pencil that my Mac Feline eye kohl comes in and the pencils remain black even after you've sharpened them. 

Products: House of Tara Lip pencils
Price: N800 each
Where to buy: Any House of Tara Outlet near you, For a complete list of Outlets, Click Here.

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