If you guys remember, I had this nail polish in my last "They deliver" post. Prior to that purchase, I'd been on a very serious hunt for a decent gold polish. 
I wasn't really expecting anything spectacular, I just wanted something that I could use as a base for most of my glitter polishes that had gold in them. 
Gold Bright is a lovely gold shade with finely crushed gold glitter.
I'm not a fan of frosty nail polish because they tend to apply very streaky but this bad boy really impressed me. With the first coat, there is a bit of streakiness but after the second coat, you really won't be able to tell. It applies smoothly and believe me, two coats is all you need. It has a foil finish and looks amazing when topped off with a  high shine top coat. 

Purchased from - Beautyjoint.com
Price - $1.75 which is about N280

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