I recently ran out of my Maybelline baby lips and let me tell you guys, I felt like giving myself an award. Do you people know what it feels like to actually finish a tube of lip balm? without having your bag swallow it? your cupboard digest it ? your car bury it? the feeling is incredible!!
So as I was saying, I recently ran out of my baby lips and repurchasing it has been nothing short of a trial. Maybelline! Maybelline! how many times did I call you people? Please you guys should help us o! we are in need, find a way to make your products available to us.

So since I couldn't get my hands on the Baby lips, I decided to try the EOS lip balm. This is not even a review, I don't even know what it is but I felt a need to inform you people that the EOS lip balm in summer fruit tastes like horse shit.  No I haven't tasted horse shit before but come on, it cannot not taste better than this seƱorita right here. Some reviewers out right said that it tasted like cat pee. Well Chidimma has never been in close proximity with a cat so I wouldn't know. 

Like I couldn't even look at the thing. The smell and the way that it tastes just completely put me off, I couldn't use it.
Oh well, I have decided to buy another one since I still don't have a lip balm. I pray that I'm able to follow that one up with a review. 

Has anyone tried the EOS lip balms? Please kindly recommend your favorite. Thank you :)

Product: Eos Lip Balm in Summer fruit
Price: N1,500
Purchased from: Red wrappings, Enugu.

"Let your broken heart show your sorrow; tearing your clothes is not enough". Come back to the Lord your God. He is kind and full of mercy; he is patient and keeps his promise; he is always ready to forgive and not punish." Joel 2:13