I've gotten a lot of emails concerning how I place my Asos orders, so I will be answering most of the questions I've recieved in this post.
 If you are not familiar with Asos, kindly click on THIS  link.

Asos currently delivers to Nigeria and they offer two types of delivery. There is the standard delivery which is free and takes up to 9 working days and there is the express delivery which costs £20 and takes up to 4 working days.

I've used Asos alot so I'm going to tell you guys some of the things that I've learned from experience.

To order from Asos you must have an internationlly accepted MASTER or VISA Card. You cannot place an order on Asos using a VERVE card.
To place an order, you need to enter the name on the card, the card number, the card expiry date and the card cvv code which is the last three numbers found on the back of card.

ANY ORDER WORTH LESS THAN 100 POUNDS WILL LIKELY END UP MISSING OR TAKE MORE THAN 9 WORKING DAYS TO GET TO YOU, so be very careful. This happened to me 3 times before I realised what the problem was. The main reason for this is that, Asos ships out orders that cost  less than 100 pounds through Royal mail which is the UK's local postal service and this automaticlly means that Nipost has the responsibility of delivering your order to you (which to me is a very risky something) smh.

With orders that cost less than 100 pounds, you don't get a tracking number and this makes it difficult for both you and Asos to track what is going on and  at the end of the day, Nobody can actually tell what happened to you order
The last time I had this problem, I sent an email to Asos telling them that my Order had not gotten to me  yet and they replied saying that I should give it extra 9 working days because it was shipped through my local postal service (NIPOST) and  in that same mail, they suggested that I check my local post office to make sure that the order was not there.

I decided to check the post office so I went to the one in Lekki phase 1, Lagos because I lived in Lekki at the time but there was nothing there. They  referred me to the post office in Adeola odeku, Victoria Island so I went there to ask of it. I gave them my order number and name and after looking around tiredly, the guy assigned to me came back and told me that he didnt see anything. I called him aside and told him to please help me keep an eye out for it. I gave him my phone number and house address and lo and behold I got a text from him the next day telling me that my parcel had miraculously appeared.
I went to the office that day to  pick it up and asked him why it was never sent out for delivery and he told me that they could'nt deliver it because there was no phone number on the parcel and that their bike men had also been banned from coming to the area where I live. The whole story made no absolute sense but I thanked him profusely and ran away with my package. I learnt that day to buy from Asos when I only had a 100 pounds or more to spare.

You are only asked to pay for customs if the order was shipped through SKY NET and with all orders shipped through this company, you automatically  get a tracking number.

SKY NET is a courier service that delivers all Asos orders worth 100 pounds or more. They are also the ones that deliver all Asos orders shipped out for express delivery.

They are always prompt and never exceed the estimated delivery date (I've never had a problem with them). They are also the only ones you should pay any custom charge whatsoever. They usually send you a text stating the amount of money that a you are required to pay before your parcel arrives  and they also give you a receipt as proof of payment.

You should never ever pay a Nipost  delivery man one Kobo after he has delivered anything to you. I say this because they've duped somebody I know in past without giving him a receipt.

With some orders, you are required to pay a custom charge depending I think on the weight of your order. So the more your order weighs the more you will likely pay. The highest I've payed for customs is about N1,800 and the order was about the size of the carton in the first picture with some extra items in a plastic asks bag.

I know someone who orderd alot of shoes, the whole thing came in 5 different cartons and she was asked to pay N10,000 for customs (horrible right?). I just try as much as possible not put items that might weigh too much in one order.

I also realised after several attempts that items from Mango are not available for delivery in Nigeria. I honestly do not know why.

I hope this post was helpful, Please kindly share your Asos experience in the comments section below.

Asos recently changed the company that handles their deliveries here in Nigeria so custom charges are now ridiculous in my opinion. I personally now make sure that my orders are always less than 50pounds. The post office here in Enugu is very efficient so my orders never get missing if they are shipped out for standard delivery which doesn't come with tracking. This new company is currently in charge of delivering all Asos orders that cost more than 50 pounds. 
I had serious problems with them during the christmas period because they charged me a ridiculous amount for customs and during our fracas, I learnt that this new company charges you 25% of the amount you paid for order as customs so please be very careful.  


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