I've been using the black up perfect matifying primer for over a year now. I fell in love with it because of how light it felt on my skin and also  because of the fact that it didn't break me out. This primer didn't come cheap.  I just repurchased it for N8,300 and it is currently the most expensive face product I own.
Like I've mentioned in previous posts I have very oily skin and I break out within two days of using anything my face doesn't like. So I'm very very picky when it comes to the stuff that I put on my face.
I believe that of all the foundation primers I've tried this has done the best job. It holds up pretty well under any type of foundation and its a clear gel which simply adds to its appeal to me. I personally do not like foundation primers that are white or have any kind colour to them because with most products like that blending is usually problem.

Black up changed the packaging of this primer mid last year and according to them the formula was improved as well.  The third picture is a side by side comparison of the old and new bottle. The only difference I've noticed so far is in the consistency. The old primer was slightly thicker than this one. I recently had to repurchase because I ran out of the one I bought march last year (yes, It lasted me a whole year).  I bought the new one from the Black up stand in Montaigne place, the palms shopping mall, lekki. 


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