Hello guys,
hope everyone is good.

Since this is my first post of 2013, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!. I pray 2013 brings us nothing but happiness, Amen.

If you stay in lagos, I'm sure  you've come across  this brand. I for one saw their products  everywhere before I finally gave in and bought some of their stuff. It's owned by a Nigerian I think (not really sure). The first things  I bought from them was an eyeliner pencil , a lip liner  and a lip gloss. I bought the lip liner from Ebeano supermarket in lekki phase I and the lip gloss and eyeliner pencil from konga.com.
The lip liner and eyeliner pencils were absolutely amazing! I also loved how long the lip gloss lasted on my lips so I decided to try more of their products.

My sister was in lagos last week and she wanted to buy the eyeliner pencil after she tried mine and fell in love with  it, so we went to their store in ikoyi last weekend and here are some of the things I got.

I got two lip pencils, fussy fuchsia (EZ08) which is a bright fuchsia pink and brick chick (EZ01) a dark reddened purple . These babies apply like a dream!.
Price- N750 (each)

left: brick chick. right: fussy fuchsia

 I got one lip balm. This lip balm has no colour to it, its just a good old lip balm. This one is called orange crush (SZ01) and it smells just like orange.
Price - N700

I got two lip glosses, one is called fairst (QZ13) and the other is called sugar plum (QZ02). I've  seen sugar plum a couple of times but this was my first time seeing fairst! The colour is absolutely gorgeous  and I think its relatively new as well. The two have a very thick texture but they apply easily and last all day.
Price - N1,420 (each)


sugar plum

Has anyone tried products form Zaron?