hey guys, hope everyone is good.
I have a couple of new stuff to show you guys. some of them I purchased recently some of them I've had since march. I haven't really tried out some of the things in this post but I hope to follow them up with reviews.

I'm currently doing my NYSC so I don't want to make any promises. I'm working now so time isn't really my best friend but I promise  to put out more posts from now on so help me God. Amen.

I got three cala makeup brushes. I bought  the three  of them from casabella in the palms shopping mall. The brushes were on display on the counter, typical me had to just go feel them. The crease brush felt amazing and that to me was enough. I got a crease brush (N1,840) , a small eye shadow brush (N1,840) and a lip brush (N1,700). The packaging to me was also super cute. I love the little suede sleeves they came in.

Mary kay eye shadow primer. I got this from Casbella (N1,500) in the polo park shopping mall, Enugu.

Black Opal Invisible oil Blocking Powder (1,650). I've seen lots of you tubers and bloggers rave about this. Decided to give in and give it a try. I got this from konga.com

Black up fluid foundation in FL09 I.  I didn't intend to buy this foundation, my friend Fejiro made me do it, lol. We went  to the black up store in Ikeja city mall to try out the cream to powder foundation but for some reason it didn't sit well on  her skin. and then they tried the fluid foundation on her and it looked absolutely amazing. I just had to get it.

Black Up cream to power foundation in FC 11 (£27). I'm sure that y'all have noticed from my previous posts that the Black up cream to powder foundation is literally the only foundation I wear. Its not like Its the only foundation I own but I just absolutely love it. I own a lot of foundation but at the end of the day I usually go back to this one because it DOES NOT BREAK ME OUT! which most liquid foundations do. I got this back in march but I decided to add it to this post .

 Black Up Lipstick in M17. I went into Black Up looking for an orange lipstick, something comparable to Mac's morange but not as  bright. I ended up going with this. It's a matte  Orangey red lipstick. I got this for N4,350 or so, not really sure.

Sleek Blush by 3 palette in sugar (£10).

LASHES..... these are mostly the the ardell wispies(N1,300) and demi wispies (N1,550). I bought them from casbellla. 

Nail polish. I'm going to swatch theses as soon as I can.  Salley Hansen Xtreme wear nail colour in  33 pacific Blue (N500) and 150 Sun Kissed (N500)  Shop Beauty corncerns , Saka Tinibu. Orly Nail Laquer - Glowstick (N1,500)Shop DFT cosmetics in the Adeniran Ogunsanya shopping mall. L.A girl Disco brites nail polish in Can you Dig It? (N450) and L.A colors nail laquer in French white (N450). Shop poise In Ikeja city mall.

Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions. I love and appreciate the feedback you guys leave.xxx