hey guys,
 I've decided to start making Nail of the day posts. I've been into nail polishes and nail designs of late and I've decided to start sharing them with you guys.  so here is the mani that I'm currently rocking.

without flash

with flash

 First I started off with bare nails

as y'all can see my middle finger thought breaking off was funny so it decided to try it (sigh)


I applied my first base coat. I usually get by with just one base coat but I think that this little guy right here is the reason why my nails are so strong!

Sally Hansen DOUBLE DUTY strengthening base and top coat


I applied my second base coat. I apply this after applying the first base coat because it makes my whole manicure last longer.

Orly Bonder. Rubberised Base coat


 I applied this very opaque black polish. One coat will do with this polish.

Sleek nail polish - Eclipse 41


After 5 minutes I used a makeup sponge to dab this silver glitter nail polish on the tips of all my nails minus the middle finger. I just did 2 coats of nail polish on that one.

Jordana nail polish - 208 Silver Glitter


I finished  off by applying a fast drying top coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri

Here is everything including my nail polish remover, nail polish thinner, pure acetone and nail brush for clean ups, and Glass nail file .

 I hope you guys like :)

Please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions. I love and appreciate the feedback you guys leave.xxx