I did some shopping last week especially online and I believe I've actually done serious damage this time!, lol. I had someone coming back from the uk so i just used that opportunity to buy some of the things I've had on my wish list for ages. some  people have asked how  i buy stuff online here in Nigeria and the answer is simple i use my Nigerian debit cards or ATM cards as they are popularly called here. the GTB master cards pay a couple of websites, i'm very sure it pays itunes. I know  people who bank with access bank and first bank and they use their ATM visa or master cards to buy stuff online all the time. I also use them to pay in shops where card payments are accepted and believe me when i say these cards are accepted everywhere,everywhere!.

so here is everything

*the real techniques brushes are from Victoria health
*the luscious lashes 70 piece false lashes are from Amazon.
*the things from mac are mostly from selfridges. They came in the yellow envelope in the first picture. I got one of the lipsticks and gel eyeliner in Enugu here.


I got the real techniques core collection brush set. the contouring brush and buffing brush feel amazing. I can't wait to use them properly.


I got 5 five mac lipsticks, 2 eyeliner brushes, 2 eye shadows, 1 gel eyeliner and 1 mac studio finish concealer. I bought  one of the mac lipsticks and the gel eyeliner in Enugu here. I don't really wear lipsticks that much but i want to now so i hope these ones work for me.

from left to right
*mac rebel lipstick (very dark purple)
*mac Russian red lipstick ( red)
*mac touch lipstick ( i got this from skin port, Enugu) (nude)
*mac girl about town (pink)
mac ruby woo lipstick ( bright red)

from left to right
*mac eye shadow in soba
*mac eye shadow in chrome yellow

*mac studio finish concealer in nw40
*mac gel eyeliner in black track ( i got this from red wrappings, Enugu)
*mac 211 eyeliner brush
*mac 209 eyeliner brush


This was the best of them all,lol. I got this from Amazon and it was freaking  cheap compared to what i usually pay for one pair of lashes. I haven't tried them out though so I can't say if they are good or not. I'll be posting a review after I've tried them out.

so there is everything. 

please don't hesitate to comment or ask questions. I love feedback.xx